Warranty conditions for ATS Forms zinc coatings

ATS Forms provides a warranty for the period of 24 months from the date of delivery of goods for zinc coatings applied with the hot-dip method on tin-plated steel constructions according to PN-EN ISO 1461 standard.

The warranty period depends on the degree of aggressiveness of the environment in which the above mentioned structures will be stored, assembled, and operated according to the rules specified in the table below:

Table 1 Warranty periods for hot-dip zinc coating for atmospheric corrosion. Type of atmosphere and corrosion aggressiveness categories according to PN-EN ISO 12944-2.


Warranty validity conditions:
a. immediately after receiving the elements, the coatings damaged during transport, storage, and installation will be repaired according to PN-EN ISO 1461 section 6.3: "The repair shall include: removal of contaminants (dust, oil, grease, corrosion marks) and the necessary cleaning and surface preparation of the damaged area for the required adhesion." The repair should be done by painting with a zinc-rich primer, e.g. WS-Zinc 80/81 or of similar parameters. The coating thickness should be applied at least three times, each time after the previously applied repair coating has dried completely.
b. storage, assembly, and operation of the structure shall take place in an environment with the corrosive aggressiveness category specified in Table 1 for the given warranty period.
c. The category of corrosive aggressiveness of the atmosphere is determined on the basis of PN-EN ISO 12944-2 standard during the storage period before installation, the structural components shall be stored on sleepers in such a way as to prevent contact with the ground, accumulation of precipitation, and mechanical contamination. The pre-packed structural components shall not be exposed to moisture. If the package becomes damp, the elements shall be unpacked and spread out until they are fully dry.
d. zinc coatings damaged during assembly of the structure shall be repaired in accordance with section (a).
e. The Orderer, after the completion of the installation of the elements, at his own expense, shall make a thorough inspection of the zinc and lacquer coatings, if any, and shall carry out their full preservation by cleaning the galvanized surfaces with neutral chemical agents from the accumulated dirt (chemical residues, grease, oil, and other dirt that may cause damage to anti-corrosion coatings). After cleaning the elements, the Orderer shall be obliged to carry out touch-ups (in the case of damage to zinc coatings with zinc paint of high zinc content) in the event of detecting spot corrosion or damage to the zinc coating. The Orderer is obliged to send the report from the conducted inspection to ATS Forms before the lapse of 6 months from the purchase and immediately after the completion of further maintenance activities. The Orderer shall repeat the above mentioned activities immediately after the lapse of 12 months from the previous ones (the inspection will be conducted with the participation of at least one representative of the Orderer, there is a possibility that ATS Forms representative will participate in the inspection for a fee, after informing them about the planned date of the inspection and maintenance activities - at least 6 weeks before the date of the inspection. The Orderer shall inform the Supplier about the planned works 6 weeks in advance. After the above inspection, a representative of the Orderer, supervised by the Supplier's representative, is obliged to prepare a report from the inspection and maintenance works performed, supported by full photographic documentation showing the

The warranty becomes void in case of:
- specific corrosion exposure defined in EN ISO 12944-2 (in these cases the warranty periods shall be individually agreed upon in writing),

- mechanical damage of the zinc coating resulting from handling, internal transport, and assembly outside the premises of ATS Forms, if the damage has not been repaired according to the requirements of section (a) or if the area of the repaired damage exceeds the acceptable value specified in PN-EN ISO 1461 for defective areas,

- mechanical and thermal damage of the zinc coating resulting from cutting, welding, reaming of holes, and any other reworking of the structure after galvanizing that causes damage to the zinc coating,

- mechanical, thermal, and chemical damage during operation,

- damage resulting from random events,

- failure to carry out maintenance work and/or to send a report to the supplier and contractor in accordance with subsection f) of the above mentioned warranty conditions

- the occurrence of so called white corrosion (white-grey stains caused by atmospheric factors) on the components does not constitute grounds for claiming the zinc coating.

- in case of payment arrears exceeding 30 days of the due date.